Aluminum Photo Seal Nameplates

When you’re in need of an identification label that’s built to last, photo seal nameplates are the product for you. American Nameplate is a supplier for photo seal nameplates and labels. Send us your specific image to be handcrafted, or we’ll work with you to determine the best design for your identification and business needs.

How Photo Sealed Labels Are Made

Aluminum is the metal you’ll want to use for a photo seal nameplate, and during the first step of the photo sealing process, ink for your text or design is screened onto a piece of aluminum that hasn’t been finished or sealed. Once the ink is transferred onto the surface, a finishing layer of chemicals is used to seal the aluminum. The result is a metal tag that has ink on an inner surface, not the top. It’s also permanently sealed, so the design of your tag or label is unable to be scratched off or removed.

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What Are the Benefits of a Photo Seal Nameplate?

The most obvious benefit to a photo seal metal nameplate is that your design cannot be removed. Any type of abrasive material used against the nameplate won’t damage the visual or textual display. A photo seal nameplate is also resistant to corrosion. In extreme environments, this tag can even withstand exposure to heat and UV rays.

A photo seal nameplate used for an equipment label is one of the most durable identification labels available. It is also the strongest custom aluminum substrate due to its high-resolution capability.

While the photo seal process is very common among businesses and industries tied to the military and aerospace, other applications are possible. Some of the other uses of photo seal nameplates include:

  • Wiring diagrams
  • Procedure identification
  • Equipment and utility tags
  • CMMS and LDAR plates
  • Medical tags
  • Specification plates

ID Photo Seal Metal Decals at American Nameplate

While photo sealing is limited to aluminum, there is flexibility in the customization process. American Nameplate offers 10 thickness options for two types of alloy. You can request your decals to be adhesive, or you can choose mechanical fasteners to ensure they can go where they need to.

Request a Quote and Learn More

An online form is available on our site to request a quote. After you submit the form, a representative will be in touch quickly to further discuss the specifications of your design. Trust American Nameplate to be your photo seal nameplate supplier today.

Product or MaterialAlloyThicknessFinishAdhesivesRounded CornersSerial Numbering Height
ALUMINUM5005, 11000.003 in., 0.005 in., 0.008 in., 0.012 in., 0.020 in., 0.025 in., 0.032 in., 0.040 in., 0.050 in., 0.063 in.Clear Anodize3M-467, 3M-468, 3M-583, 3M-9469, 3M-9471LE, 3M-9472LE, 3M-9473, 3M-Y966, Arlon/Viscor-1/16" Foam, Arlon/Viscor-1/32" Foam, Flexcon TT200, Flexcon TT400Optional0.063, 0.093, 0.125, 0.186, 0.375